Getting started

How is BuildJet different?

BuildJet's unique approach to CI workflows is what sets it apart from other CI providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure. While these providers rely on server CPUs, which typically have low single-core performance, BuildJet uses high-performance gaming CPUs with significantly higher single-core performance.

This fundamental difference in computing power allows BuildJet to provide a faster CI process even without software optimizations. High single-core performance is crucial for speeding up CI workflows, and BuildJet's gaming CPU cloud is purpose-built to deliver this advantage.


Why is high single-core performance important?

CI workflows often involve tasks that demand high single-core performance. These tasks include building, compiling, and testing code, which can be compute-intensive and time-consuming. By using gaming CPUs with high single-core performance, BuildJet can accelerate these tasks, leading to faster CI pipeline execution and a more efficient development process.

The limitations of using server CPUs for CI workflows become apparent when comparing the performance of other CI providers to BuildJet. For instance, in our blog post, we demonstrated how a MacBook Pro 2015 hardware beat the GitHub Actions runner in 2022. This comparison highlights the importance of high single-core performance in CI workflows and the shortcomings of relying on server CPUs.