BuildJet for GitHub Actions is built from the ground up to be the fastest CI/CD platform on the market. Starting from the hardware all, orchestrating the runners and custom actions built on top to deliver the faster GitHub Actions experience. Even compared to the best dedicated machine on AWS or GCP, BuildJet is still has a higher single-core performance, is significantly cheaper and is fully managed.


Runner Tags

BuildJet for GitHub Actions uses runner tags to specify hardware configurations. Runner tags determine CPU architecture, vCPU count, RAM, and the runner's operating system. These tags are used within the jobs.[job-name].runs-on property in the workflow config. Please refer to the Run your first workflow guide for more information on how to use the runner tag.



vCPURAMYAML runner tagCost
2 vCPU8 GBbuildjet-2vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.004 / min
4 vCPU16 GBbuildjet-4vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.008 / min
8 vCPU32 GBbuildjet-8vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.016 / min
16 vCPU64 GBbuildjet-16vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.032 / min
32 vCPU64 GBbuildjet-32vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.048 / min

If you want to use Ubuntu 20.04, simply replace 2204 with 2004 in the runner tag.



vCPURAMYAML runner tagCost
2 vCPU3 GBbuildjet-2vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.004 / min
4 vCPU6 GBbuildjet-4vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.008 / min
8 vCPU12 GBbuildjet-8vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.016 / min
16 vCPU24 GBbuildjet-16vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.032 / min
32 vCPU48 GBbuildjet-32vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.064 / min

The ARM runners only support Ubuntu 22.04. Additionally, the ARM runners doesn't have all pre-installed packages that are available on the AMD runners. For more information, please refer to the ARM Support and Package Compatibility


Runner Disk

BuildJet provides 64 GB of SSD disk space, allowing you to create up to 64 GB of data during your workflow runs. In comparison, GitHub offers only 14 GB of SSD space.


Nested Virtualization

All BuildJet AMD runners support nested virtualization. This allows for example, Android developers to use fast and affordable runners for their CI workloads.

For more information, please refer to blog post about Hardware accelerated Android Emulator.


macOS Support

Given the recent runner additions of Apple M1 runners we won't be providing BuildJet runners for macOS.


Known differences between BuildJet and GitHub Actions

The 20.04 home folder is found in /home/ubuntu and not as with the default GitHub Actions runner in /home/runner.