BuildJet for GitHub Actions does not only make GitHub Actions faster, but also makes it much cheaper. We have worked hard on a flexible pricing plans that allow you to get started with our services for free and scale up as your needs grow.



  • Usage price is half the price of GitHub Actions
  • Every account gets a one-time $5 credit to try our services without any upfront commitment
  • If you need more concurrent runners, you can add Concurrency Extensions to your account

Usage Pricing



vCPURAMYAML runner tagPrice
2 vCPU8 GBbuildjet-2vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.004 / min
4 vCPU16 GBbuildjet-4vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.008 / min
8 vCPU32 GBbuildjet-8vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.016 / min
16 vCPU64 GBbuildjet-16vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.032 / min
32 vCPU64 GBbuildjet-32vcpu-ubuntu-2204$0.048 / min


vCPURAMYAML runner tagPrice
2 vCPU3 GBbuildjet-2vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.004 / min
4 vCPU6 GBbuildjet-4vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.008 / min
8 vCPU12 GBbuildjet-8vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.016 / min
16 vCPU24 GBbuildjet-16vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.032 / min
32 vCPU48 GBbuildjet-32vcpu-ubuntu-2204-arm$0.064 / min

Concurrency Limits

By default, all BuildJet for GitHub Actions accounts come with the ability to run a total of 64 concurrent AMD vCPUs and 32 concurrent ARM vCPUs. This concurrency limit represents the maximum number of vCPUs that can be active in parallel across all runners, enabling faster completion of queued workflow runs.

For example, with the default concurrency limit of 64 AMD vCPUs, you can run:

  • 32 x 2 vCPU runners in parallel
  • 16 x 4 vCPU runners in parallel
  • 8 x 8 vCPU runners in parallel

...or any combination that does not exceed the total of 64 AMD vCPUs.

Please note that the concurrency limit is not the size of an individual runner, but the maximum allowed concurrent vCPUs for all active runners combined.


Concurrency Extensions

Unlike, GitHub, we offer all accounts the ability to extend their concurrency limit. If your project requires additional concurrency beyond the default limits, you can add Concurrency Extensions to your account. Each extension increases your AMD or ARM capacity by 100 vCPUs for an additional $300/month, which is separate from your usage pricing. For example, adding an AMD Concurrency Extension allows you to run up to 164 AMD vCPUs in parallel, significantly reducing the waiting time for your tasks.

To purchase Concurrency Extensions or inquire about custom plans, please email us at contact@buildjet.com


BuildJet Cache limits

At BuildJet, we aim to make your development process smooth and efficient. That's why we offer each of your repositories a 20GB of free Cache storage per repository per week.

We've designed our system to be as user-friendly as possible. So, you don't need to worry about running out of space or manually managing your cache. When your storage limit is reached, our system automatically clears out the oldest cache entries, making room for your new ones.

We recognize that larger teams or complex projects may require additional storage. If the standard 20GB does not suffice, contact us at contact@buildjet.com. We'll explore solutions to expand your cache storage, ensuring your team can operate efficiently, irrespective of project size.