BuildJet utilizes the official GitHub Actions runner images for AMD runner, which can be found at actions/runner-images. This ensures that anything runnable on GitHub Actions linux runners, can also be executed with BuildJet.


Image updates

Due to the absence of pre-notifications from GitHub regarding image updates, BuildJet may experience a slight delay in updating its fleet to the latest GitHub Actions runner software. We usually update our fleet within a couple of hours after the release of a new image. Although most updates involve minor patches affecting a limited number of users, we are committed to maintaining the latest software and constantly exploring ways to expedite the update process.


ARM Support and Package Compatibility

While GitHub Actions does not support ARM, BuildJet strives to include as many packages as possible. However, achieving full compatibility on the scale of the Ubuntu 22.04 is challenging. We are actively working to improve the ARM image, but for the time being, we recommend manually installing specific dependencies as needed.


Custom Linux Image

For large customers we offer custom runner images. For more details and pricing, please contact us at