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This guide aims to help you debug issues with your BuildJet for GitHub Actions builds and configuration.

My runner isn't starting, it is stuck in "Waiting for runner"

There are a couple of things you can do before contacting support.

  • Make sure your organization has access to the BuildJet hardware here.
  • Make sure you're using the correct runner tag in your workflow config.

If you've checked both of these things, and you're still getting "Waiting for runner", your account could have reached the maximum number of concurrent runners. Read more about concurrent runners here.

Downloading cache/artifacts effectively stops/is extremely slow. What do I do?

Unfortunately, GitHub has a bug in the action itself, and it seems to be introduced in some recent update of the action.

We found a couple of reports with the same failure behavior as you report:

In that last comment of issue #720, you'll find someone offering a workaround. They simply add a timeout-minutes and continue-on-error: true to the step, and as this is a caching step which might not be critical, you can continue on error.

We'd suggest that you try it out on your codebase and see if it works out.