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In order for BuildJet for GitHub Actions to be used by your workflow job, we need to specify a runner tag in the jobs.[job-name].runs-on property.


runs-on: buildjet-4vcpu-ubuntu-2004
vCPURAMYAML runner tagCost
2 vCPU8 GBbuildjet-2vcpu-ubuntu-20.04$0.004 / min
4 vCPU16 GBbuildjet-4vcpu-ubuntu-20.04$0.008 / min
8 vCPU32 GBbuildjet-8vcpu-ubuntu-20.04$0.016 / min
16 vCPU64 GBbuildjet-16vcpu-ubuntu-20.04$0.032 / min
32 vCPU64 GBbuildjet-32vcpu-ubuntu-20.04$0.048 / min
64 vCPU128 GBbuildjet-64vcpu-ubuntu-20.04$0.08 / min

If you want to use Ubuntu 18.04, simply replace ubuntu-20.04 with ubuntu-18.04.

Known differences between BuildJet and GitHub Actions

  • BuildJet default user is called ubuntu and not runner like with GitHub Actions default image.
    • BuildJet home folder: /home/ubuntu
    • GitHub Actions home folder: /home/runner