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Launching BuildJet Cache for GitHub Actions

We're thrilled to announce `buildjet/cache`, a reliable, fast, and free alternative to GitHub Actions cache. It is compatible with any runner - official, self-hosted, or BuildJet, and no matter the runner used, **BuildJet doubles the free storage, providing 20 GB/repo/week storage space for free.

Hosted ARM runners on GitHub Actions

Today, we’re happy to release the first-ever ARM runners for GitHub Actions. This will enable many thousands of developers to finally get native support for their ARM workflows. BuildJet for GitHub Actions ARM runner makes your workflows 10x faster than what is currently possible on GitHub Actions.

Hardware accelerated Android Emulator on BuildJet for GitHub Actions

Today, we’re delighted to introduce support for hardware accelerated Android emulators on all BuildJet runners. This allows Android developers to create fast and affordable runners for their CI workloads. BuildJet for GitHub Actions runs Android Emulator tests 20x cheaper and 2.5x faster than what is currently possible on GitHub Actions.

Why GitHub Actions is so slow

In this breakdown we will take a close look at the why GitHub Actions default runners are so slow. Firstly, we'll compare GitHub Actions runners with a MacBook Pro 2015 running the official self-hosted software. We'll then figure out what actual hardware is powering the runners.

What hardware powers GitHub Actions?

It is common practice for CI's to simply state the amount of vCPUs at the user's disposal. We do the same and find it generally to be a good abstraction. Cross-service comparison gets easier and the users don't need to dabble with the details.

Why we want to fix GitHub Actions

As most developers know, regardless of how much you try to multitask, waiting for the CI to finish always feels like an unnecessary bottleneck. As a consequence of project complexity and developers waiting for simple PR's, we always ended up migrating to a self-hosted CI despite it always being extra effort to set it up and maintain.

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