Make Github Actions Faster

Managed high-performance runners for Github Action

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Reduce your build time

On average BuildJet halves your CI time

Hardware that fits your setup

Faster and more cores for a fraction of the price
2 vcpu
8 GB
$0.004 / min
$0.008 / min
4 vcpu
16 GB
$0.008 / min
Not possible
8 vcpu
32 GB
$0.016 / min
Not possible
16 vcpu
64 GB
$0.032 / min
Not possible
64 vcpu
128 GB
$0.08 / min
Not possible
Make Github Actions FasterStart using BuildJet today

Great hardware = Great speed

Bare metal server fleet with custom hypervisor setup
Incredibly fastGitHub Actions runs on a Cloud VM with few cores and a slower clock speed. BuildJet offers dedicated hardware that outperforms it significantly.
Ground-up securityEach job is isolated in its own VM, with no shared states between jobs. The virtualization layer is based on KVM which runs with disk encryption
Quick setupSimply setup select distribution, hardware and change one line in your GitHub Actions CI Config.
BuildJet made my Github Actions run so much faster. Went from around 40 min to 10m after a super simple installation. Very happy and satisfied with the service.
Ema RoccaFounder @ Sondra OÜ

Select your hardware

Firstly log in with Github so we can install the hardware once selected. After that simply, select your preferred hardware ranging from 2vCPU to 64vCPU

Screenshot of hardware selection in dashboard

Update your CI Config

After the setup of your selected hardware, you need to head over to your Github Actions config file and change the runs_on property to self-hosted. All subsequent runs will now use your very fast BuildJet hardware

Code diff. after BuildJet config update

Enjoy the speed

Now, simply enjoy the really fast servers at a much lower price. On average you should see a 50% reduction in build time - giving you more time to focus on actual development.

Github Actions run with Buildjet runner
Make Github Actions FasterStart using BuildJet today

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