BuildJet CI is made for speed

    High-performance CI powered by Gaming CPUs
    We migrate for you, 4x faster and 2x cheaper CI

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    BuildJet is trusted by companies all over the world

    High-performance gaming CPUs

    BuildJet CI uses dedicated high performance gaming machines, which are designed to have high single-threaded performance.

    Eliminate Repeated Setup Steps

    BuildJet CI allows you to define custom runner images, so you don't have to repeat the same setup steps every time your workflow runs.

    Run your workflows locally

    Run builds from the comfort of your terminal, making it easy to quickly iterate on your config.

    Typescript and YAML Config

    BuildJet CI offers alternative languages for configuring your CI/CD pipelines, with initial support for both YAML and TypeScript.

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    High-performance CI powered by Gaming CPUs

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